Top 5 Apps for Homebuyers

If you are in the market for a new house, there are plenty of ways technology can make the process easier for you. With the abundance of real estate related apps, you can manage the entire process directly from your phone. We have compiled a list of the best apps on the markets for homebuyers.

Homesnap: Free in the app store, Homesnap allows you to view information about homes for sale on the go. Take a picture of a listed property, and the app will show you listing information, as well as other properties for sale nearby.

Quiken Loan App: Plan ahead- know what your monthly payment. This app, free in the app store, will help you calculate your monthly mortgage payment.

Snupps: Create a digital inventory so nothing gets lost in the move. Snupps allows you to categorize your belongings into shelves that helps ensure your things will find their new home, too.

Color Snap: Sherwin Williams created this app that helps you capture color inspiration on the go. Snap a picture and load it into the app, and Color Snap matches color in the picture to Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

Dwellr: This free app from the United States Census Bureau helps you decide which city is right for you! Based on a variety of questions, Dwellr will tell you which United States city matches your criteria. If you already know where you are looking, you can search any location to view census data.

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Ryann Hogan