3 Ways to Pay it Forward in Atlanta

Interested in giving back to Atlanta but not sure where to jump in? In a city that is vibrant and always changing, there is no shortage of ways to lend a hand or contribute to a cause. Try these 3 Ways To Pay it Forward in ATL this month.

Gather Good - Paying it forward creates great stories, and the team at Gather Good is committed to capturing and sharing these moments. Scroll through their blog to see features on all kinds of causes, events, and changemakers across the city. And who knows, you might just find a new favorite cause!

Community Bucket - Community Bucket is changing the way Atlanta volunteers. By focusing on group service projects followed by social events, Community Bucket makes service social. Sign up for a weekend event for the charity of your choice (common options are Park Pride, Concrete Jungle, Books for Africa and more), make some new friends while volunteering in the morning, then continue making connections in the afternoon at the event at a bar or brewery.

The Atlanta Beltline - The Atlanta Beltline is one of the largest redevelopment programs in the United States and has become one of the major identifying features of Intown life in Atlanta. Once executed, the Beltline will impact almost every area of Atlanta. Get in on the action now; sign up to volunteer, promote the Beltline in your community, or even become a Beltline member.

Ryann Hogan